(transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)

TENS Units are small, portable, battery powered devices that send a small electrical pulses via electrode pads to the lower back for non-invasive, drug-free, pain relief.
More commonly used in the UK and Canada, “TENS works by sending electrical nerve stimulation through these electrodes; it doesn’t take away the sensation of contractions, but essentially interrupts the pain signals your brain is receiving, possibly reducing your awareness of them or producing endorphins that allow you to cope better.” (Fit Pregnancy & Baby)

Using TENS will allow you to:

  • Move and labor in any position you want.

  • Control the frequency and strength of the pulses in order to get maximum results and relief for your body as labor progresses.

  • Labor at home longer, as you do not need a medical professional to set up the device.

  • Still use fetal monitoring during labor if needed without usually effecting the machine. (if for some reason it does affect the machine, it can be easily removed or turned off during fetal monitoring)

  • Have peace of mind knowing it does not have lasting side effects and is safe for both you and baby.


(must have approval from doctor prior to rental)

Rental Includes:

  • TENS Unit & Electrodes Kit

  • Rental from 38 weeks to birth

  • Mini Session for Instructions of TENS

  • An additional $100 deposit will be taken but returned upon pickup (as long as no damages have occurred)

  • TENS Unit must be returned no more than 2 days after birth.

  • Must have approval from doctor prior to rental.

Have questions about using TENS in labor?